Oxygen and its effect on health

Of course, everyone knows that oxygen is one of the components of air and is an essential element for life. Most of the organisms living on earth need oxygen to function normally. It might seem that it is just about being able to breathe, but this is only the beginning – oxygen is needed for a wide variety of reactions in the body to continue. This element serves as food for cells and is transported to them by blood. It is especially important for the brain – in the event of a break in its supply lasting about 5 minutes, serious damage and complications may already occur.

Of course, continuing to breathe 100% oxygen would be detrimental to the body. However, in reasonable proportions, it allows you to improve health and condition even in generally healthy people, protecting against diseases and premature aging of cells.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy differs from normal breathing also in that due to the increased pressure, oxygen can penetrate not only through the lungs into the blood, but also into the cerebrospinal fluid or the lymphatic system.